Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Books Read in 2008

1.Day**** by A.L.Kennedy(Scotland)
2.Disobedience***** by Naomi Alderman (UK)
3.The Uncommon Reader*** by Alan Bennett (UK)
4.Alligator**** by Lisa Moore (Canada)
5.The Children's Hospital*** by Chris Adrian (US)
6.Now You See Him**** by Eli Gottlieb (US)
7.Village of Stone***** by Xiaolu Guo (China/UK)
8.If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things***** by Jon McGregor (UK)
9.Self Help**** by Edward Doxc (UK) also titled Pravda
10.Orpheus Lost**** by Janette Turner Hospital (Australia/US)
11.The Virgin Suicides***+ by Jefferey Eugenides (US)
12.The Letter Opener*** by Kyo Maclear (Canada)
13.Dictation: A Quartet of Stories**** by Cynthia Ozick (US)
14.Bearing the Body**** by Ehud Havazelet (Israel)
15.Trespass*** by Valerie Martin (UK)
16.The Sound of Language**** by Amulya Malladi (Denmark)
17.The Sound of Butterflies**** by Rachael King (New Zealand)
18.beethoven was one-sixteenth black*** by Nadine Gordimer (South Africa)
19.From A-X**** by John Berger (US)
20.The Revisionist**** by Helen Schulman (US)
21.At The Jerusalem**** by Paul Bailey (UK)
22.The House At Riverton**** by Kate Morton (UK)
23.Memory***** by Philippe Grimbert 152 pgs.Hardcover (France)
24.Through Black Spruce***** by Joseph Boyden (Canada)
25.The Lizard Cage***** by Karen Connelly (Canada)
26.The God-Fearer**** by Dan Jacobson(South Africa/UK)
27.Gardens of Water**** by Alan Drew (US)
28.August**** by Gerard Woodward (UK)
29.Mrs. DeWinter*** by Susan Hill (UK)
30.The Curve of the World**** by Marcus Stevens (US)
31.Night Birds**** by Thomas Maltman (US)
32.Me and Emma***** by Elizabeth Flock (US)
33.Hotel World**** by Ali Smith (UK)
34.Lost Paradise*** by Cees Nooteboom Netherlands)
35.Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith**** by Gina B.
36.A Burnt Out Case**** by Graham Greene (UK)
37.Late Nights on Air**** by Elizabeth Hay (Canada)
38.The Boys in the Trees***** by Mary Swan (Canada)
39.Everything Must Go**** by Elizabeth Flock (US)
40.Ten Thousand Lovers***** by Edeet Ravel (Canada)
41.Shatter**** by Michael Robotham (Australia)
42.People of the Book***** by Geraldine Brooks (Australia)
43.The Wonder Singer**** by George Rabasa (US)
44.The Painted Veil**** by W. Somerset Maugham (UK)
45.The Silver Swan**** by Benjamin Black (aka John Banville/UK)
46.The Ginseng Hunter***** by Jeff Talarigo (US)
47.Sister Carrie**** by Theodore Dreiser (US)
48.Night Train to Lisbon***** by Pascal Mercier (Switzerland)
49.The Swallows of Kabul***** by Yasmina Khadra (France)
50.The Outlander**** by Gil Adamson (Canada)
51.Asylum**** by Patrick Mcgrath (UK)
52.Scaredy Cat**** by Mark Billingham (UK)
53.Lazybones**** by Mark Billingham (UK)
54.The Burning Girl**** by Mark Billingham (UK)
55.Lifeless**** by Mark Billingham (UK)
56.Firmin:Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife**** by Sam Savage (US)
57.The Lost Dog**** by Michelle De Kretser (Australia)
58.The View from the Seventh Layer**** by Kevin Brockmeier (US)
59.Buried**** by Mark Billingham (UK)
60.Skeletons at the Feast**** by Chris Bohjalian (US)
61.Homecoming**** by Berhard Schlink (Germany)
62.Broken Colors**** by Michele Zackheim (US)
63.A Window in Copacabana**** by Luiz Alfredo GarcĂ­a-Roza (Brazil)
64.Fall of Frost*** by Brian Hall (US)
65.The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao**** by Junot Diaz (US)
66.We Are Now Beginning Our Descent**** by James Meek (UK)
67.Nemesis**** by Jo Nesbo (Norway)
68.The Other**** by David Guterson (US)
69.Trauma**** by Patrick Mcgrath (UK)
70.The Invention of Everything Else**** by Samantha Hunt
71.Breath**** by Tim Winton (Australia)
72.Atmospheric Disturbances**** by Rivka Galchen (US)
73.Winterwood**** by Patrick McCabe (Ireland)
74.The Vows of Silence**** by Susan Hill (UK)
75.An Unexpected Forest**** by Eleanor Lincoln Morse (US)
76.The Whalestoe Letters***** by Mark Z. Danielewski (US)
77.City of Thieves***** by David Benioff (US)
78.The Attack**** by Yasmina Khadra (Algeria)
79.Let It Be Morning**** by Sayed Kashua (Israel)
80.The Man Who Loved Children**** by Christina Stead (Australia)
81.Gentlemen of the Road*** by Michael Chabon
82.Crows Over a Wheatfield**** by Adam Braver
83.Death of a Murderer***** by Rupert Thomson
84.The End of the Affair***** by Graham Greene
85.The Tenderness of Wolves**** by Stef Penney
86.The Door***** by Magda Szabo
87.Detective Story***** by Imre Kertesz
88.Changing Heaven**** by Jane Urquart
89.The Blue Door**** by Andre Brink
90.The Patron Saint of Liars**** by Ann Patchett
91.While I Was Gone**** by Sue Miller
92.Caspian Rain**** by Gina Nahai
93.The Broken Book*** by Susan Johnson
94.Homesickness*** by Murray Bail
95.Holden's Performance*** by Murray Bail
96.The Gathering***+ by Anne Enright
97.Rabbit-Proof Fence***** by Doris Pilkington (Australia)
98.A Pigeon and a Boy***** by Meir Shalev (Israel)
99.A Thousand Splendid Suns**** by Khaled Hosseini ((US)
100.The Darkest Evening of the Year** by Dean Koontz
101.Coventry**** by Helen Humphries (Canada)
102.The Story of Edgar Sawtelle***** by David Wroblewski (US)
103.The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society***** by Mary Ann Shaffer (US)
104.The Dawning of the Day***** by Haim Sabato (Israel)
105.Ex-Cottagers in Love**** by J.M. Kearns (US)
106.Quintet**** by Douglas Arthur Brown (Canada)
107.The Kings of Innocence***+ by Michael Burns (US)
108.Schooled**** by Anisha Lakhani (US)
109.Months and Seasons**** by Christopher Meeks (US)
110.The Sorrows of an American**** by Siri Hustvedt (US)
111.Offshore***** by Penelope Fitzgerald (UK)
112.Netherland**** by Joseph O'Neill (UK)
113.A Case of Exploding Mangoes**** by Mohammed Hanif (Pakistan)
114.The Body is Water***+ by Julie Schumacher (US)
115.Sorry***** by Gail Jones (Australia)
116.Midwife of the Blue Ridge**** by Christine Blevins (US)
117.Mister Sandman**** by Barbara Gowdy (Canada)
118.Twice Born**** by Pauline Gedge (Canada)
119.At a Loss for Words**** by Diane Schoemperlen (Canada)
120.The Duino Elegies***** by Rainer Maria Rilke (Germany)
121.What Was Lost***** by Catherine O'Flynn
122.The Lost Dog**** by Michelle De Krester
123.Breath**** by Tim Winton
124.The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao**** by Junot Diaz
125.In Hovering Flight**** by Joyce Hinnefeld (US)
126.Guernica***** by David Boling (US)
127.Down to a Sunless Sea*** by Mathias Freese (US)
128.Arsonic Soup for Lovers*** by Georgia Post (US)
129.Matrimony**** by Joshua Henkin (US)
130.A Guide to the Birds of East Africa**** by Nicholas Drayson (Australia)
131.The Secret Scripture***** by Sebastian Barry (Ireland)
132.The Retreat**** by David Bergen (Canada)
133.The Clothes on Their Backs**** by Linda Grant
134.The Septembers of Shiraz**** by Dalia Sofer
135.Mudbound***** by Hillary Jordan
136.Home***** by Marilynne Robinson
137.An Arsonist's Guide to Writer's Homes in New England**** by Brock Clarke (US)
138.The White Tiger***** by Aravind Adiga (India)
139.Red Dog, Red Dog**** by Patrick Lane (Canada)
140.My Father's Paradise***** by Ariel Sabar (US)
141.The Northern Clemency***+ by Philip Hensher (UK)
142.Who By Fire**** by Diane Spechler (US)
143.The Angel of History**** by Bruno Arpaia (Italy)

Highlighted titles are linked to my reviews. Have you read any of these? Feel free to leave comments, questions or a request for a brief review of any titles that interest you.


  1. That's an amazing number of books, Sandra! It looks like you had a full reading year. :-)

  2. Happy New Year Sandra! That's quite a list of books on your list and a great accomplishment! I hope to reach 100 books read next year.

  3. Fantastic list! I've added some to my TBR list.

  4. That's a great list - I've only read 4 of the ones you list. Many more I want to read!



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