Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

 Hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books.

Books completed since my last It's Monday post:

35. The Golden Mean***** by Annabel Lyon  Canada
36.The Butterfly Chair**** by Marion Quednau  Canada
37.Little Face**** by Sophie Hannah  UK
38.When Will There be Good News****+ by Kate Atkinson  UK
39.The Carnivore**** by Mark Sinnett  Canada
40.Breaking Lorca***** by Giles Blunt  Canada
41.Benny and Shrimp*** by Katarina Mazetti  Sweden
42.The Heart of Buddha**** by Elsie Sze  Canada
43.Notes From an Exibition**** by Patrick Gale  US
44.Even the Dogs***** by Jon Mcgregor  UK
45.Beatrice and Virgil***** by Yann Martel  Canada
46.The Solitude of Prime Numbers**** by Giordano Paolo  Italy
47.Tinkers***** by Paul Harding  US

Loved them all. Benny and Shrimp was the only weak one in the bunch, only because romances are not my thing. I was looking for something Scandinavian to read that was not a mystery ( I love them but consider them light reading). So many peple liked this one. Glad I read it, just could have done without the goofy sex scenes.
I highly recommend all of the others. I will write brief reviews on any titles that may interest you, just ask.

Currently reading and why:

The Halfway House by Guillermo Rosales Cuba/US (121 pages)

Reviewed and recommended by Marie at The Boston Bibliophile and I love all things Cuban.

Ransom by David Malouf  Australia

Historical fiction set during the Trojan war. It's up for major awards in Australia, as his novels often are. I regularly read from all major literary awards longlists. I'm one chapter in- male, so very male. But I will stick with it.

Next up and why:
The Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian  US

I've read Double Bind*****, Skeletons at the Feast*****, and Before You Know Kindness****. I really enjoy this man's writing.

A Summons to Memphis by Peter Hillsman Taylor  US

Marisa Silver's (The God of War and others) answer to "What is the best book we’ve never heard of?".
Our Horses in Egypt by Rosalind Belben

Reviewed and recommended by Lynne at dovegreyreader scribbles.

Please leave comments or links if you've read or reviewed any of these books. I'd love to read them. I will happily write brief reviews on any titles that may interest you, please just ask.


  1. Ransom is definitely on my wish list. I have one of his books sitting on my shelf at the moment, Remembering Babylon, that i hope I will get to read soon

  2. That is an amazing amount of books for one week.

  3. Wow, it looks like you did a lot of great reading, and not a stinker in the bunch!

  4. Wow! You had a lot of reading time this week! How was Beatrice and Virgil? I'm intrigued by the cover lol

    Here is my Monday:

  5. I'd love to know your thoughts on Beatrice & Virgil. I'm still working up to writing about it myself. :-) Great list and of course I'd love to know what you think of the Rosales.

  6. Tinkers is up on my list. Kind of fun when one of the little guys wins big!

    I have Our Horses in Egypt but haven't read it yet - I look forward to your review!

    Here's mine:

    Happy reading this week!

  7. Well I'm pleased to see you're still reading such great books. And particularly pleased to see a good rating for The Solitude of Prime Numbers- I have my eye on it at the library.

  8. Wow impressive! You read a lot this week :). A lot of your books look intriguing, but Tinkers look awesome! I'll have to look it up.

    A Fanatics Book Blog

  9. Lots of good titles!!!HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!
    Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Pattillo

  10. I have Benny and Shrimp on my TBR. I also do not really like romance reads so this one sits and waits.... on me. :)

    You have some great looking books in the mix. I am going to have to look at your reviews of these.

    Have a super week :)

  11. You've read so many great books and have wonderful ones all lined up!! Enjoy!

  12. How many books do you read at a time....?

  13. Wow, you got a lot of books read. Just wanted to wish you a happy Mother's Day today.

  14. Great reading list! Looking forward to your thoughts on Beatrice & Virgil. I have to decide whether to buy it now or wait for the paperback.

  15. Would love to hear your thoughts on 'Beatrice and Virgil' by Yann Martel and 'The Solitude of Prime Numbers' by Giordano Paulo (such a beautiful title, isn't it?) I am also loved your description 'Marisa Silver's (The God of War and others) answer to "What is the best book we’ve never heard of?"'. Would definitely like to know how this book is.

    Hope your health is improving and you are better now. Hope you get well soon. Will pray for you.

  16. Hope you liked The Solitude of Prime Numbers. I thought it was very good.

  17. So glad you're in for the JLC4, Sandra! I've added you to the Review Site, and I'm looking forward to what you'll choose to read!

  18. Hi Sandra,

    I liked Beatrice and Virgil (audio); chilling towards the end. The Solitude of Prime Numbers was also a favorite.



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